Feb. 19th, 2017

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Title: Future Shock
Rating: G
Genre: General
Word Count: 640
Characters: Tegan, Fifth Doctor
Spoilers: For "Earthshock
Warnings: None
Summary: Time travel has its hazards.

The TARDIS opened to a cold empty hallway. Tegan walked out, and immediately shivered. The woman felt chilled to the bone here, and muttered to herself about wearing a fur coat

"Doctor, this isn't Ireland" said Tegan. She wasn't surprised at all.

The Doctor sauntered outside,wearing sunglasses. Upon seeing the empty hall, he gave an apologetic grin.

"I may have made a slight miscalculation. Still, might as well explore," said the Doctor. He picked a random direction, and confidently walked down the hall, his shoes making loud echoes as he walked.

Soon, the Doctor was too far away to find. This place gave Tegan the creeps. It looked like a hospital, but she couldn't see any nurses or patients. But the cold grey walls gave her the feeling of a serious place, or a place where people went to die. The quietness disturbed her, perhaps it was due to being used to the sound and fury of living in the TARDIS.

No. There was a sound.A slithering sound emitted of the rooms. She peeked inside, and saw a girl on the floor. The girl had blonde hair, and what Tegan recognized as a Greenpeace symbol on her shirt. The girl's eyes were rolled back, and Tegan saw ropes tied around her ankles.

"Hello? Who are you?" said Tegan. The woman remained unconscious, and Tegan quickly began to untie the ropes.

Tegan nearly screamed as the ropes wrapped back around the girl's arms. She heard the Doctor's shouts from behind her, and ran out the door.

The Doctor's face was pale. His eyes were wide, and his face looked grave.

"We need to go!" said the Doctor. He tried to hurry Tegan into the TARDIS.

"Stop. There's a woman in there!" said Tegan.

A large person appeared behind the Doctor. His or her face was covered in a mask, and he wore black robes. He slowly approached Tegan, but the Doctor blocked his path. The masked man talked to the Doctor in a language that the TARDIS didn't translate.

The Doctor answered back in the same language. Tegan looked at the Doctor for any clue of what was going on.

Eventually, the masked man shrugged. He peered at Tegan for a long time, and then said in a soft voice "You're already here, anyway."

"Yes, so there's no reason to bring her here another time," said the Doctor.

The masked man turned around, his chains clinking all the way. Tegan wondered why she hadn't heard him arriving.

The Doctor practically threw her inside the TARDIS. Before she could say "Heathrow", the Doctor had started messing with the controls, and was preparing for take-off.

"What was that place?" said Tegan.

"A quarantine on some random planet. For time travelers suffering from a certain contagious illness," said the Doctor. He didn't elaborate as the TARDIS began to fly through the vortex.

"What illness?" asked Tegan. The Doctor tried to ignore her gaze, so she turned around.

"What. Illness?"

"Sometimes, when someone undergoes too much time travel, their mind can't take it. Too much non-linearity can destroy someone. They begin to experience all of time simultaneously. Time Lords are immune to those changes, and you should be too, because of the TARDIS. But the poor people within that hospital couldn't take it," said the Doctor.

"Why did that man say I was inside that facility 'already'?" said Tegan.

"Ah, he's the guard. He must have confused you with someone else," said the Doctor. He walked off, apparently content to leave the TARDIS in free roam for now.

Tegan called out "What scared you so much?"

"Well, it just wasn't a pleasant place, Tegan," said the Doctor, without stopping.

As he walked off, she caught a glance at his reflection. She hadn't seen that expression on his face since when Adric died.


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