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Title: You are Beautiful

Rating: G

Word Count:  498 words

Characters:  Cassandra O’Brien and Chip (Technically Future Cassandra)

Spoilers:  “New Earth”

Warnings: N/A

Episode Setting: During “New Earth”

Summary: “No matter how much it hurts.  No matter how much it costs.  No matter how many commoners tell you that you aren’t worth their time, remember this. You are beautiful.  You are beautiful.”

Cassandra rocked the poor boy as the guests at the party filed out through the door.  She pulled the black cloak off of his body so that when the medics arrived they would have no problems saving him from whatever illness caused his to collapse.   She laid him on the floor gently and shooed all the remaining gaping guest away so that the boy could breathe.  Once everyone else had left, she gazed down at his pale face and noticed several, distinct patterns which seemed to be branded into his skin.  She lightly fingered the pattern on his cheek down to his neck and the top of his chest.  His eyes slowly fluttered open.

“Hello again,”  He struggled and forced out a small laugh.

“No, don’t talk.  Help is coming soon.”  Cassandra chided.  “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.”

“Ahh,” he grinned.  “Not even a wrinkle.  Your greatest accomplishment.  I've never seen beauty like yours, even a million years from now.”

Cassandra chuckled.  As if!  She was nothing.  Sure, she may look gorgeous now, but one day the boys would stop coming, the make-up and surgeries would fail, and she would no longer be young and beautiful.

“I’m sure you say that to all the girl-”

“No.  Lady Cassandra, please listen to me.  I, like you, struggled to accept myself.  Struggled with the idea of not always being beautiful, but not anymore.  I see you and I am reminded of how beautiful I - people can really be.”  The boy caressed Cassandra’s face and beamed.  “No matter how much it hurts.  No matter how much it costs.  No matter how many commoners tell you that you aren’t worth their time, remember this. You are beautiful.  You are beautiful.”

Cassandra began to wipe away the tears that had streamed down her cheeks.  It was as if this boy had known her deepest and darkest secrets: believing that she was insignificant.  Everyday Cassandra began to feel more and more alone, separated, isolated from the real world.

Her husband was never around, her past lovers never truly loved her, and even though she had everything she had ever wanted, she could never obtain any lasting happiness.  She was always worried about maintaining her flawless face,  slim waistline, and soft hair.  Anxiety shredded her inmost being every waking hour, until now.  Praise had always helped her regain her confidence, but this was different.  She felt as if she could actually live for once without being dragged down by fear.

Suddenly, all the medics arrived and pushed her away from the boy.  Cassandra was able to get one last look at him before they moved her to the next room.  He leered at her with one last smile.  She smiled back and at that instant, he closed his eyes.  Cassandra immediately noticed that the medics moved even more frantically.  At that moment, she knew he was no longer alive but she also knew that someone thought she was beautiful and that was all she needed.

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