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Title: Even the Bees have gone
Word Count: 451
Warning: N/A
Spoilers: N/A
Characters: O.C.(Maisie), Doctor, Donna
Episode Setting: Before “The Stolen Earth,” S4
Rating: G
Summery: Maisie has befriended the bees, but then they leave.

Maisie sat on her sunny front porch staring up at the clouds, watching them pass, having cloud races.

But soon Maisie got bored of the clouds, so she ran to her favorite tree in her yard and started to climb. The wrinkly bark made it easy to get higher and higher, soon she felt as if she were on the top of the world.

“Maisie! Lunch time!” called her mother from inside the house.

“Be there in a minute Mommy!” she started, “But I have to check on my friends,” she said under her breath.

Maisie was a very nice little girl, but she had no real friends. But she made friends with other things, like the bees. Everyday she would climb her special tree, and visit the beehive, but she learned quickly not to get close.

But today it was different, no bees were in sight. Maisie climbed a bit closer. “Hello?” she called out, hoping they didn’t desert her.

No bees came, they were all missing. Sadly Maisie made her way down her tree, she looked one more time at the beehive, wanting to see her friends just one more time. But instead of the buzzing of a bee, she heard a whooshing noise. There was a small flash of light, and then a wooden blue box appeared in the alley outside her house. Maisie rushed to the box, maybe that’s where the bees went! A man with a long coat and a girl with fiery hair came out of the box, but there were no bees.

“Excuse me? Have you seen my friends?” Maisie asked them.

“Uh, sorry. I haven’t seen anybody.” said the man.

“Maisie! It’s time for lunch!” her mother hollered, more inpatient.

“Hey, you best be running along now, looks like your Mums calling.” said the girl.

She smiled at her, and then like everyone else, the two strangers walked away.

Maisie trudged inside. Distraught clearly written across her face, her mother asks what is wrong.

“I don’t have any friends.” she says, tears forming. Inside she felt as if she must be a terrible person if even the bees don’t want to play.

Her mother gave her a gentle smile, “How ‘bout we go to the park after this? I’m sure there will be some friends for you to play with there!”

“Okay.” Maisie gives in. “Can we go on the swing?” Her mother nods. Maisie’s face then turned from sorrow to excitement as she forgot about the bees, and longed to swing.

That night Maisie heard the whooshing noise again, but didn’t put another thought to it, she was too tired from playing with her new friends she had made at the park.


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