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Title: Mysteries, Golden and True.
Author: dancingdragon3
Characters: Missy, Twelve, Bill, and Nordole.
Rating: gen
Length: 1159 words
Note: Takes place between The Eaters of Light and World Enough and Time. This is my attempt to understand the Master’s truth in a sympathetic way, while also attempting Deep Metaphor. I think.
Song Note: Gun's N' Roses - Knockin On Heaven’s Door
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Title: Last Request
Rating: PG
Genre: General
Word Count: 3,665
Characters: Twelve, Clara
Spoilers: Post-"Knock Knock", pre-"Oxygen"; spoilers for "Face the Raven" and "Hell Bent".
Warnings: None
Summary: He broke time to save her. Now they have a chance to put things right.

Last Request
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Title: The Gates to Paradise

Rating: G

Word Count: 1713  words

Characters: The 11th Doctor, Amy Pond, and OCs

Spoilers: Not really

Warnings: N/A

Episode Setting: Before “The Lodger”

Summary: The Doctor is given a chance to go home, but he must pay the ultimate price for it.

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Title: The Void Spreads
Genre: Drama
Author: Gallifrey_Immigrant
Word Count: 1,242
Characters: Twelfth Doctor; Penny
Rating/Warnings: References to character death
Spoilers: Extremis, and the end of Lie Of The Land
Summary: The demons that have controlled the world have been defeated. And the Void spreads, with the Doctor as a blind witness.

A blind man walks through the shadows, and knows the void. )
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Title: The Question
Word Count: 580
Rating: G
Characters: the 9th Doctor, Rose Tyler
Spoilers: S1E1 “Rose”
Summery: The doctor needs a friend, so he asks Rose. But he is battling himself on the inside about his true feelings.

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Interpret that however you want.

Word Count requirement is 250 words or more. One entry per person. All entries must be new and relate to this challenge. You may post to the community, link to your journal or off-site. Please make sure your links work. Please read the rules if you do not know them!

Submissions are due Monday June 19th at 9:00 pm US Central time. Voting will go up very soon and the next challenge will be announced after that.


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