The Exile

Aug. 8th, 2011 03:10 am
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Title: The Exile
Author: PhoenixDragon
Characters: Eleven, Amy, Melody, Rory (mentions of OCs)
Rating/Genre: Gen, Angst,Dark!fic
Wordcount: 300
Warnings: Mentions of canon!character!deaths, Spoilers up through AGMGtW (6.07)
Summary: It had been a long, long time since he had felt such pure happiness.
Disclaimer: I do not own the scrumptious Doctor or his lovely companions. That honor goes to the BBC and (for now) the fantastic S. Moffat. The only thing that belongs to me is this fiction - and I am making no profit. Only playing about.

It had been a long, long time since he had felt such pure happiness.
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Title: All That Matters
Word Count:
Characters: Doctor, TARDIS (Idris)
Warnings: Um....kinda fluffy?
Summary: The Doctor's family hasn't been conventional for years, and there's only one member who has ever been constant to him

(She's the only family he has left.)

One Day

Aug. 4th, 2011 08:33 pm
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Title: One Day
Rating: PG
Genre: General
Word Count: 300
Pairings or Characters: Eleven, Amelia Pond; during Eleventh Hour
Summary: There are different kinds of families - no one knows this better than the Doctor.
Note: I'm so proud of myself for getting it down to 300 words - I started with 863!

like...babies? )
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This is a reminder to get your "Family" drabbles in soon! They are due this coming Saturday morning, August 6th, at 7 a.m. US central time.

More details are here.

We already have a number of AMAZING entries but always look forward to more.

Thanks for keeping this community alive and please spread the word to other Who writers if you think they'll be interested in joining.

Happy Writing!
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Title: Their Girl
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairings or Characters: TenII/Rose, OCs
Genre: Family / Kidfic
Word Count: 300
Rating: G
Warnings: None!
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the OCs.
Summary: The first time Sarah Tyler-Smith sees the inside of Torchwood Tower, she's ten years old.
Notes: Sarah is TenII and Rose's daughter in my 'verse The Domestic Approach, and Rourke is a character from my fic Unless, Perhaps, Someday, A War. It's not necessary at all to know them to read this one, however. This is for [ profile] who_contest's Drabble Challenge (theme: family) and Prompt #3 ("That is my girl," she said, with a glow of pride.) in [ profile] 5_prompts' Pile of Books challenge.

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Title: The Worth of a Family
Author: dancingdragon3
Length: 300 words
Rating/Genre: PG, angst
Summary: Set between The “Vampires of Venice” and “Amy’s Choice”. The doctor is filled with sorrow at the death of the Lady Calvierri, and he starts to question his own decisions and morality. This is the prequel to a story that was the original entry for this challenge, but got too big - Amy's New Choice

The Doctor sat on his bench staring blindly at the switches of the TARDIS console, lost in solemn thought.
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Title: What He Can Say
Rating: G
Genre: Gen
Word Count: 190
Pairings or Characters: The Doctor, The TARDIS
Summary: He knows the saying: you can choose your friends, but not your family.

He can... )
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Title: Family
Rating: G
Genre: Gen
Word Count: 300
Pairings or Characters: The Tardis, Eleven, River, Amy, Rory, allusions to others.
Warnings: None whatsoever.
Summary:She likes that, being "home." It makes her feel - what was that word? - alive.
A/N: Sorry 'bout the lame title. Couldn't think of anything else to call it. Feedback is love!


Drabble uner cut! )


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Title: Two of a Kind
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff
Pairings and Characters: Ten2/Rose, Human Doctor, Rose Tyler
Warnings: None
Summary: The human Doctor and Rose have their lives together, and their family is about to get even bigger. 

They were two of a kind, working on a full house... )
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Title: Family of Mine
Rating: G
Genre: Character Study
Word Count: 300
Parings or Characters: Tenth Doctor, Family of Blood, mentions of Rose Tyler, Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, Joan Redfern
Summary: The Family of Blood thought eternal life was a gift ... but the Doctor knew better.

Curses can come in pretty packaging 
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Interpret that however you want.

Word Count requirement is 300 words or less. One entry per person. All entries must be new and relate to this challenge. You may post to the community, link to your journal or off-site. Please make sure your links work.

Submissions are due Saturday August 6th at 7 a.m central US time. Voting will go up very soon and the next challenge will be announced on Monday. Please make sure your links work. :)


Don't forget to vote in our Picture challenge at the original post here!


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