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Title: Carbon copy
Rating: PG
Genre: Drama
Word Count: 550
Pairings or Characters: River, Twelve, Eleven
Spoilers: Let’s Kill Hitler
Warnings: canonical and non-canonical character deaths, self-loathing, alternative Universe

Carbon copy:  “a person or thing that is identical or very similar to another”
The Doctor wanders into a doubly forbidden time.

Notes: Last minute. Because I could not pass a River prompt. Also this needed to be Twelve.

On AO3

It's the carbon cycle all over again.

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An entry for the "River" drabble challenge.

Title: Life Beyond the Mississippi
Author: [ profile] eve11
Word Count: 547
Characters: Eleven, River
Rating: G, All ages
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Title: Revised Memories
Rating: K+
Genre: Drama
Word Count: 541 words (was harder than I would think to limit the word count!)
Pairings or Characters: River Song; cameo by the Doctor.
Spoilers: none.
Warnings: none.
Summary: There are very few things you can break the rules of time for. Making a little girl happy is one of them.

Can also be found on whofic.
Here's my first drabble ever; I hope you like it. Comments and Constructive Criticism appreciated! )
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Title: Down By the Riverside
Author: PhoenixDragon
Characters: Eleventh Doctor, OC
Rating/Genre: Gen, PG
Wordcount: 550
Warnings: Character Study, Introspection, Missing Scene, Dark!Fic
Summary: Frothing, babbling…cool, clear rushes of cascading Life, the borders of it knowing no confinement.
Disclaimer: I do not own the scrumptious Doctor or his lovely companions. That honor goes to the BBC and (for now) the fantastic S. Moffat. The only thing that belongs to me is this fiction - and I am making no profit. Only playing about!

Illusion within an illusion.
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Title: Red River
Rating: PG
Genre: Gen
Word Count: 550
Pairings or Characters: Twelve, Clara
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Implied Violence.
Summary: Why is the river red?

Red River )
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Title: River Song
Rating: K+
Genre: General/Drama
Word Count: EXACTLY 550 words (YESSS :D).
Pairings or Characters: Eleventh Doctor, Clara Oswald, Melody Zuckers
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Summary: Has music ever moved you to tears? Or away from it?

River Song )
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Title: Ashes and Fears
Author: Paynesgrey
Characters/Pairings: Twelfth Doctor, slight Clara/Twelve, slight River/Twelve
Rated: PG
Word Count: 550
Spoilers: 8.01 "Deep Breath"
Warnings: none.
Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who.
Notes: Written for the "River" drabble challenge at [ profile] who_contest.

Summary: He was too frightened, and he yearned to be soothed.
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Title: "Two After Midnight"
Fandom(s): Doctor Who
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble
Pairing(s): None
Rating: PG
Genre: General
Word Count: 466

Summary: He'd wanted to see sapphires.

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Title: Water in the forest
Rating: K+
Genre: Family/Drama
Word Count: nearly 550 words (aka right under the limit ;P).
Pairings or Characters: Amelia Pond, mentions of Melody Pond (a lot) and Rory Williams.
Spoilers: none.
Warnings: none.
Summary: When her life is left to its linear path again, Amelia Pond goes trekking. Character piece, set after The God Complex.

Water in the forest

(can also be found on, AO3 or Teaspoon for your convenience.)
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Title: Memory Space
Word Count: 440
Rating: PG for angst
Spoilers for ‘Forest of the Dead’
Warnings: None
Summary: River grows into her half-life.

Memory Space )
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Title: 'Technically'
Rating: G
Genre: General/Angst
Word Count: 498
Pairings or Characters: Eleventh Doctor, Clara Oswald, mentions of River Song
Spoilers: Post-'The Name of the Doctor'; to be safe, any episode featuring River
Warnings: None
Summary: What was I supposed to say? "Hi; I'm the Doctor. I have a time machine. Let's go gallivanting across Time and Space. By the way, I'm married."

Technically )
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Interpret that however you want.

Word Count requirement is 550 words or less. One entry per person. All entries must be new and relate to this challenge. You may post to the community, link to your journal or off-site. Please make sure your links work. Please read the rules if you do not know them!

Submissions are due Monday September 15th 9 p.m. central US time. Voting will go up very soon and the next challenge will be announced after that.


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